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Marketing Consultants – Far Eastern Business Advisors – International SEM Advice
from Microchannel Technologies Ltd. Providers of global marketing solutions since 1999!

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Our consultants can help you establish your business presence in the fastest emerging markets in the World. With offices in Beijing, China, Xiamen, China, Bangkok, Thailand, Hong Kong as well as the UK - and with representative offices in the US and throughout Asia, we have years of experience in helping companies market worldwide.

If you want to promote your products or services in countries such as Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia and Burma and on search engines throughout the World, including Baidu in China - please go to our sister site

For investment opportunities in Burma - please click the link below:

Investment opportunities in Burma

If you need assistance in establishing a business presence in China - please click the link below:

How to Market in China

Founded in 1999, Microchannel Technologies Ltd (MTL) has been consistently at the cutting edge of international marketing and was behind the development of the MakeMeTop brand – now owned by the Unica Division of IBM. Some of our achievements are:

Microchannel Technologies Achievements:

  • One of the very first SEO companies in the UK,
  • Owners/designers of the MakeMeTop brand of SEO products,
  • Owners/designers of the MakeMeTop brand of SEM and Bid Management software subsequently sold to Unica and now branded Unica Search,
  • Owners/designers of Traffic Collector and AdExpert – a search engine marketing CPA/CPC/CPL delivery system,
  • Providers of SEO and SEM services to companies across the World,
  • Providers of training and consultancy on Asian marketing to companies and agencies worldwide.